Computer Generated


Photorealistic Standard


CGIs (Computer Generated Imagery), sometimes called 3D renderings or architectural visualisations are an excellent sales tool for property developers, when produced to a high photorealistic standard. Most developers who come to us, provide architectural drawings created by their architect and need external images creating for planning permission purposes - if planning has already been accepted however, then we can provide both external and internal sales images instead. We treat planning CGIs slightly differently to sales CGIs, as planning images need to be highly accurate and require different skillsets to execute. However, our external planning CGIs can be re-used for sales. We will always work with you to make sure we can provide you with a service that meets your budget, and with no compromise on quality.

Most developers require interior CGIs either because they are not entirely clear on what their development project will look like internally or, to help with marketing and sales. As architectural visualisers, we know which aspects are important to making a CGI look photorealistic and aspirational.

Our CGIs are completely bespoke and are delivered by our experienced team who will; draw with inspiration, create and wow you and your audience, and demonstrate the very highest level of dedication and client care possible.



Promote a Lifestyle


As architectural visualisers we can create high quality, photorealistic renders to help give the best possible kickstart to the marketing process of your development - several months before completion! And if you’re not interested in launching the sale of your project early, additional online exposure will allow your agent to collect advanced enquiries and grow the list of potential leads for when you’re ready…

At Bloc ArchViz, we work together with you and your team to understand your target market. And from that create a suitable interior theme that’s just right for you! We can help you amplify the ideal lifestyle your home can provide and make your homes feel unique and individual in such a competitive market.

We can also strip your interiors back to basics and visualise layouts and proposed reconstructions.
Just simply tell us your needs and we’ll be more than happy to accommodate.


An Overview


A photomontage of Drone/Aerial Photography and CGI can be a great way to render big architectural projects. They provide the most realistic and accurate representations possible of larger scale builds.

Using a drone enables unique viewpoints to be captured and, at various heights and distances. This form of CGI results in an incredibly detailed end product.

Aerial cgis

Sometimes, words aren't enough...


Sometimes information and data needs more than words to convey an accurate explanation. Infographics are the perfect tool to provide that little extra clarity and detail required. They’re a quick and clear method for visual communication that increase levels of cognition among its consumers.


Digital Knows No Limits


Want help displaying your products in their ideal environment?

Look no further, we’ve got you covered. Express your desires and we’ll deliver. We understand that developing the perfect visuals for the intention of sales can be stressful…with experience in product showcasing, Bloc can materialise your visions into all its digital glory. There are no limits to how your products can be displayed.


The Art of Storytelling 


From any 3D model, Bloc can elevate it’s potential and create captivating animations. Let us help you, bring to life, imagery with the introduction of motion.

Improve your story-telling abilities with dynamic sequences. An important skill to acquire when selling any property is the art of story-telling. 

Animation provides as the perfect visual aid for this when aiming to sell THE idyllic lifestyle to your clients, through the single purchase of your home.