From Chocolate Eggs to Chocolate Box Houses…Happy Easter from Bloc ArchViz!

From Chocolate Eggs to Chocolate Box Houses…Happy Easter from Bloc ArchViz!

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In the world of property, Easter is the best time of year to make a real estate investment! Known for its weekend of ‘fewer bidding wars’ and ‘greater investment opportunity’ this time of year reaps opportunity for the perfect seller’s market. This, with the combination of low competition and high housing inventory, makes spring the perfect time to purchase your new beginning!

The classics..

While modern housing exteriors are both contemporary and clean cut, venture out into the British countryside and you’ll find charming villages brimming with the ultimate level of ‘quaintness’ and idyllic styling, this in the form of ‘Chocolate Box Cottages’!

Dating back to Victorian times, the term ‘chocolate box’ today is used to describe a small, cottage-like property located in a picturesque setting – usually the countryside. This type of home is described as quintessentially British and renowned for its usually thatched roof and quirky features. The cottages themselves gained popularity in the 20th century… and throughout the 1950s and 60s became the focal branding identities of large confectionary companies like Cadbury.

During this period, George Cadbury created small dwellings like the now recognised ‘chocolate box houses’ for his factory workers. These homes, built in the back streets of Birmingham for low waged employees, gradually evolved into inspiration and to this day appear on the packaging of their famous dark chocolate range, Bournville. These quaint homes and scenic images/landscapes ultimately became the driving force for the term ‘chocolate box cottages’, and so the term was coined.  

The lasting influence...

Present day ‘Chocolate Box Cottages’  are desirable homes for many…it’s become commonplace to take inspiration from their identified traditional features and implement subtle styling themes into modern homes. For example; wooden shutters, decorative lead work on windows, wood-burning chimneys and increased introduction of oak textures all prove popular. These little touches pay homage to yesteryear house styles and blend the interior design trends of today with the classics. Who wouldn’t want their very own piece of rural Britain right in their living room?

Interior inspiration moodboard based on Typical Features of a 'Chocolate Box Cottage' 

At Bloc ArchViz we love this interior genre and enjoy the historical connections it has. Using old ideas like exposed brick, whitewashed walls, beautiful gardens and intricate fireplaces really helps add personality and rustic flair. We see these influences as finishing touches and believe with the right balance of old and new (of course depending on client requirements) the ideal home can be created! Let us craft you an interior masterpiece!

Bloc Archviz interior design CGIs that demonstrate 'chocolate box cottage' influence

Delightful and Dreamy Real Estate…

An Easter chocolate gift from us to you… doesn’t this chocolate house look both delicious and inviting? After all, they do say the home is where the heart is – and our hearts belong to chocolate.
Happy Easter from Bloc ArchViz!

A Real chocolate house....YUM!

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