CG Virtual tours, AR & VR.


CG Virtual Tours


CG Virtual tours offer both prospective buyers and development personal to virtually view said project before completion. Commonly used as a marketing and planning tool, these kinds of tours can be created well in advance and viewed at personal convenience. CG tours are also a cost-effective way to reduce outlay of initial capital that would otherwise be used for furnishing costs.

360 tours, however, are more often than not used by estate agents. This type of virtual tour uses a collection of images taken using 360 photography to demonstrate an immersive style walkthrough of any property. This too provides the opportunity for a virtual tour to be granted at any given time. Unlike CG, this type of tour does benefit best if the show home is fully furnished, as this virtual tour relies on real imagery.


'Real World' Enhancements 


Augmented reality integrates virtual layers into the users reality. This technology works to enhance an environment or add an element of fun.

Unlike VR, a headset is not required - therefore making this tech more accessible and for a wider multitude of needs.


A Fully Immersive Experience...


Unlike traditional user interfaces, VR places the user inside an experience. Instead of viewing a screen in front of them, users are immersed and able to delve into the created worlds. VR can give users a near real life experience allowing these applications to evoke real emotion and presence within the created environment.