Marketing Collateral

Floor plans, Brochure design, Copy, Brand identity, micro-sites, social media marketing & MORE. 

Design Decisions are Marketing Decisions!


Don’t blend into the background, be bold and make a statement with your designs and branding. Standing out from the crowd exudes confidence and opulence. Through our marketing abilities we create brand guidelines and logos to help align your content with your consumer. The overall design of your project or brand should involve anything from simple aspects like colours and tone of voice to more complex themes like artistic direction and brand personality. A clear image and differentiation in design, we believe, is the key to success!


Make YOUR Mark in a Digital World


In a society which progressively revolves around digital communication, for most brands, a website is the initial port of call for its consumers. Whether they visit for information or otherwise, first impressions are crucial. It’s widely believed that any site visitor tends to make their judgements based on the first 90 seconds of exposure to content they receive. Therefore, your site must be engaging, reactive and aesthetic appropriate for your market.

With extensive experience in web design, content, development and site maintenance, we invent a website tailored to your specific business needs and target market’s requirements. We also provide ongoing support to provide guidance and knowledge to help your brand stay ahead of the game.


Omnichannel your approach to Communication Output


In a society which progressively Social Media, more than just a mere a marketing tool, is growing increasingly prevalent it all marketing strategies and communication efforts. If we could recommend one useful tool to surge engagement, social media would be just that!

In joint efforts with our team at Bloc Creative, we not only create captivating content to both inform and showcase, but also manage and track your social presence and performance too. As an experienced agency, we do truly understand the time-consuming nature of social media maintenance and content creation. It’s a platform that requires continual growth and with the addition of the Bloc Family creativity, your social media and brand awareness could too, be effective and responsive.


Print is Power


While print is probably the most traditional and long-standing form of marketing, in modern day it’s still both fruitful and versatile. Capable of producing a tactile and memorable experience, print as a medium is trusted by a majority – consumers willing to engage with its copy and interact with its call to actions. With 45 years of wisdom in the print industry our ability to produce and provide to strict deadlines is something of second nature to us.

We offer the production of digital, lithographic and web designs of which can then be incorporated into the creation of brochures, annual reports and accounts, large format graphics and endless forms of printed media. We’re at your disposal!


2D Plans


As part of your visual communication strategy, at Bloc ArchViz we can create; floor plans, site plans and location plans to help streamline your organisational efforts and assist with your planning process.