Interior CGI to show 2021 colour trends in use

Colour trends 2021. The Calm the Cool and the Colourful


Colour Trends 2021: The Calm, the Cool and the Colourful



Emma Tatman


As you know, with a new year, brings new colour trends! And this year, we’re loving what we see.

Colour trends are a crucial part of any interior design, and it’s always important to consider expert and industry advice when it comes to creating something ‘on trend’, ‘desirable’ or ‘idyllic’ for an interior.

Top Tip: Colour can set the mood of a room or space. Pick colours which have a calming or happy effect to help elevate or relax your mood. Your ‘home office’ could end up much more inviting! 

We love what we do – it’s as simple as that!

You can normally find us sifting through websites and magazines, feeding ourselves with the interior inspiration we crave and providing ourselves with gusto to improve our work every single time. We truly understand that the right interiors can attract the right type of buyer – and that creating a warm homely feeling or an ultra-modern slick design (for example), all depends on the type of property and our client. Our team will work directly with you and take time to research and understand both your requirements and your customers. We then elevate our 3D visuals with all the amazing interior trends and ideas we have seen that would suit.

"99% of the time we don’t get a brief and while that may daunt others, we love the chance for creativity that this brings!"



CGI by Bloc ArchViz

According to industry news, during 2021 we can expect to see;

– New Neutrals & Earthy Tones

– Natural & Serene Greens

– Warming Reds and Mulberry Hues

– Clean and Timeless shades of Blue

– Expressive Pops of colour

– And… Pastel Pigments.

Our use of these colour trends…

This year we note that décor is all about texture and the use of colour. Especially when it comes to elevating statement pieces of furniture and those all-important room accessories that ultimately provide those perfect finishing touches!

ArchViz mood board based on 2021 Colour Trends

Mood-board for CGI. 

Based on the colour trends for 2021, we decided to get creative and do a little design based on our favourite themes. We love the combination of a gorgeous pastel pink and a rich emerald green. This unusual yet beautiful mixture, we think works in total harmony. The complimentary features of the velvet fabrics and the textures of accent pieces like the vase, metal lamp and art deco style side table, really add depth to create a vibrant and inspiring space. 

These featured images are an example of one of our own interior CGIs. At Bloc ArchViz, with our extensive knowledge and expertise in architectural visualisation – we can “feed two birds with one seed” (as the saying goes) and take care of all your 3D visualisation needs, interior and exterior!  

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