Bloc-ArchViz: providing a wide range of visual communication services.

As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Us humans are highly visual creatures who are able to process visual information almost instantly; 90 percent of all information that we perceive and that gets transmitted to our brains is visual. 

Images can be a powerful way to capture users’ attention and differentiate your product. A single image can convey more to the observer than an elaborate block of text. Furthermore, images can cross language barriers in a way text simply can’t.

As technology advances we continually striving to provide other forms of visual communication tools. Although our visuals form the bases for most of our projects, our interactive tools are pushing boundaries and capturing users' attentions in different ways.

CGI, Planning, Sales CGI

Planning Twemlow Road Poole

Our Planning CGIs are always within a photograph of the actual site and are highly accurate to show exactly how the new development will be within the site....

CGI, Sales CGI

CGI | Urban Homes | Pearce Avenue Poole

Sales CGI of a private residence in Pearce Avenue, Poole...

CGI, Planning, Drone

Wootton Mount 2 Bournemouth

This CGI was to help with a planning application for a block of apartments in Bournemouth...


10 PassageHill

An aerial CGI created for a development in Cornwall....

Draft Tower CGI_V2

CGI, Sales CGI

New Development in Hastings

This CGI depicts a new development in Hastings. A Revit model was provided by the architects and we added in materials, the surroundings and additional models to complete the image. Photographs were taken of...


CGI woodland and Eco house

This CGI was created as part of a series of CGI’s and Infographics for a Steel and Sip panel construction firm in Dorset. The premise was to show the building in an environment which would normally be...

CGI, Sales CGI

Munster Road, Poole

Two stunning properties at the front of the development on Munster Road in Poole. The architect provided the Revit model for these and we added in materials, the landscaping and additional modals to complete...

CGI, Sales CGI

Munster Road, Poole. Night view

Two stunning properties at the back of a development on Munster Road in Poole. The architect provided the Revit model for these and we added in materials, the landscaping and additional modals to complete this...

CGI, Planning

St Anthony’s Avenue Poole

This CGI was created for a planning application....


CGI House Upton Poole

One of 8 CGI’s for this development along with a brochure, floor plans, and site plan was created for this development in Poole, Dorset...


Architectural Visualisation The Avenue

Exterior CGI of the Avenue in Bournemouth with the proposed frontage...


CGI Drone Elevated Rear View

We created this CGI to show the location of this proposed luxury home and it’s proximity to the Yacht club, and so we asked our drone photographer to take this photograph which we then photo-montaged our...


Exterior CGI Luxury Property

This CGI was created to help sell this land with planning permission. This CGI was one of 5 created for this site....

CGI, Planning, Sales CGI

Arch_Viz Alum Chine Block B

An architectural visualization used to help pass the development through planning and then to help with sales and marketing. These two large apartment blocks are now built in Alum Chine in Bournemouth....

5 Florence Road02

CGI, Sales CGI

ArchViz Alton_Road, Poole Rear Visual

Evening exterior sales CGI for a residential property on Alton Road in Poole....


Exterior CGI Pearce Avenue

This CGI of a proposed luxury home in Pearce Avenue was one of many CGI’s created for this development....

CGI, Planning, Drone, Sales CGI

Arch Viz David Lloyd Boscombe Block C

Exterior sales and planning CGI for large development at the old David Lloyd site in Boscombe in Bournemouth. This was one of three large apartment blocks on the site....

CGI, Planning

Exterior CGI for a large development in Bournemouth

Originally this and 4 other CGIs were used to aid the planning application for this site. Later the CGI’s were used again for sales purposes....

CGI, Planning

Architectural Visualisation | First_Wessex | Portsmouth

The Old Foyer in Portsmouth. This CGI was used to aid a planning application to show the proposed changes to the building. A new roof and other additions were accepted with the help of the CGI and the build...

CGI, Planning

Arch-Viz | Nylo Homes | Chaddesley Glen

This is a planning application CGI for two apartment blocks on Chaddesley Glen near Sandbanks....

CGI, Sales CGI

Arch-Viz Chapel park road

This sales visual was created for a property development company in Hastings, East Sussex showing the proposed development to aid in selling off-plan....


CGI New home

This CGI was part of a series of CGIs created for a large development in Dorset...

CGI, Sales CGI

The Hayloft Stone Barns

Sales CGI of the proposed Hayloft Barn at the Stone Barns development in Yeovil....

CGI, Sales CGI

Conversion project in Hampshire plots 6-8

Conversion project in Hampshire...