Bloc-ArchViz: providing a wide range of visual communication services.

As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Us humans are highly visual creatures who are able to process visual information almost instantly; 90 percent of all information that we perceive and that gets transmitted to our brains is visual. 

Images can be a powerful way to capture users’ attention and differentiate your product. A single image can convey more to the observer than an elaborate block of text. Furthermore, images can cross language barriers in a way text simply can’t.

As technology advances we continually striving to provide other forms of visual communication tools. Although our visuals form the bases for most of our projects, our interactive tools are pushing boundaries and capturing users' attentions in different ways.

CGI, Sales CGI

Munster Road, Poole. Interior CGI

This sales CGI was designed to show the open lounge living areas....

Drinks Cabinet

CGI, Sales CGI

Archviz | Nylo Homes | Swanage apartment

Interior sales CGI of an apartment in Swanage....

CGI, sale, Sales CGI

Munster Road, Poole. Interior

One of a collection of CGIs we created for the Munter Road development in Poole....

CGI, Sales CGI

Beautiful interiors

This image was part of a series of images we created for a developer in Hastings. The interior images were to give potential buyers a good understanding of the size and space within the proposed homes as well...

5c Rafati way_Kitchen lounge

CGI, Sales CGI

A lounge with natural light

This image was part of a series of images to help sell 3 houses in Hastings. The visuals were to be displayed on the developer's website and Rightmove. Our directive was to create beautiful interiors that gave...

360 Tours

360 TOUR

Our interactive 360 Tours enable users to explore and inhabit interior and exterior spaces. Tailored to your specific project they deliver huge impact to Sales and Marketing teams....


Interior CGI Luxury Private Home

This CGI was created for a client wishing to plan and design his luxury property as it was being built....


Interior CGI Luxury Property

We created this CGI to aid in selling the property off-plan. CGIs such as these make the sale of land with planning so much easier as a potential buyer can truly understand the space and it’s potential....

CGI, Sales CGI

Interior CGI | Nylo homes | Bournemouth Road

A beautiful apartment with a view! This CGI was created as part of a marketing packaging including a brochure and floor plans....


Interior CGI

An interior CGI created as part of a series of CGIs for a development of flats in Swanage. We were given free rein with the furnishings....


Interior CGI

An interior CGI...

Commercial Washrooms

CGI Virtual Tour created for a commercial washroom company. This tour along with other CGIs were used to sell the proposed washroom design to a wedding venue....

Flat 8_V4


chapel park Kitchen